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Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić, operations manager for the development of Valamar group camps

It gives me special joy and honour to recommend my esteemed colleague Zvonimir Tudorović, Master of Economics, and his camping tourism consulting company EFFECTUS-consulting d.o.o.

I have been following the work of Zvonimir Tudorović with joy and pleasure for ten years. A young and ambitious tourism and hospitality graduate selected the topic of camping for his thesis work, thus proving his specific and relatively rare interest in tourism, distinguishing, in the best way possible, his future professional and life path. After graduation, a desire for knowledge and further studies realised itself via a special interest for the advancement of camping-specific knowledge and an additional education through an active follow-up of global tourist and camping trends. What has helped develop one brilliant camping career and has also helped to transform an ambitious and diligent student into an excellent camping manager is the regular attendance of the scientific and professional conferences, keeping up to date with professional literature, taking field tours and learning from the best practice examples.

Zvonimir Tudorović mastered the knowledge and skills and learned all the managerial tactics with exceptional innovation in designing creative camping services. Proving himself in the management of eminent Croatian camps, and especially in the development of camp Straško, Zvonimir became one of Croatia's most successful camping managers, who was able to develop an exceptional camping product thanks to his skilfulness, knowledge, creativity and innovation. He transformed an almost devastated camp into one of Croatia's best camps.

Camp Straško implements specific, cutting-edge camping knowledge and introduces the practice and tradition of Europe's best camps. The guests have recognised this prestigious camping product, an exceptional camping service and have rewarded the camp Straško with an unbelievable growth in overnight stays and occupancy. Croatia's high quality rating, as well as the number of stars awarded by the most relevant camping guides like ADAC and ANWB, are a reward for the knowledge and skilfulness invested in the camp management.

I judge Zvonimir to be the manager of a "new era". This is a manager who has a vision and knows how to accomplish it. He is the one who motivates his team and is the ambassador of the high-quality unit he manages, he is also the one who manages and controls the result. Zvonimir possesses distinct communicational, presentational and educational skills and the ability to transfer knowledge and information to a wide audience. His organisational abilities, effectiveness, exceptional managing and understanding of market conditions, domestic as well as foreign surroundings, and a vigorous and positive attitude towards the job he loves, make him a desirable consultant, teacher, collaborator and manager. As a human being, he has a charming and honest sincerity, diligence and responsibility towards the tasks he performs. Professionally, he dedicates himself with ease and joy to solving countless everyday challenges of camping tourism. These traits, together with professional knowledge and experience gained, make him one of the most desired camping collaborators in Croatia.

Adriano Palman, KIH

Zvonimir and his team have proven that even in today's uncertain and turbulent business conditions impressive results can be achieved through a professional approach, team work, innovation and a constant focus on achieving excellence.

I met Zvonimir for the first time in 2007, in camp Straško, and was immediately impressed by his level of responsibility, an exceptional ability of effective problem solving (with a smile on his face, I should add), a friendly, but professional attitude, and above all, a developmental mission and a vision for camp Straško, which he and his team successfully implemented into practice. As a result of such endeavours, today the camp has become one of our country's high-quality camps, a camp with almost no complaints, admired and awarded by guests, various foreign guides and agencies - and to all of us working in the sector, it is clear just how much effort, knowledge and skill is necessary to back up a project like that.

EFFECTUS company has already proved that expertise has the ability to break down all barriers and effectively deal with every problem, therefore I am inclined to believe that the company will soon become an unavoidable and a gladly seen partner to us, as well as to everyone who deals with camping tourism and development.

Mate Štetić, PIK Vrbovec, board member

I have met Goran at the MBA programme and have collaborated with him in a team for two years. All I can say is that he is reliable, diligent, professional and creative. There is no task he cannot solve. He is the type of person I would gladly collaborate with because he can bring the best out of people and has an optimistic attitude.

Davorin Šimunić, LEDO d.d., marketing executive

Goran is the person I studied with, but he is also the person that taught me something. When working, he is pragmatic, meticulous, entrepreneurial and a visionary. In any case, I enjoyed working, studying and having fun with him...Goran is my friend!

Danijel Anušić, S&T Croatia

When working with the EFFECTUS company no problem seems unsolvable because they are ready to take on different perspectives, which, for today's business understanding is a key skill. Vlado Galičić, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Opatija

Zvonimir and his team are distinguished by a very efficient unity of theoretical knowledge and operative knowledge and skills they possess. EFFECTUS company is the right example of how competence and continuous advancement via education can obtain long-term and sustainable results in the turbulent business environment of today.

Zrinko Kamber, Administrative Chairman Medora Hoteli i Ljetovališta d.d.

I have met Zvonimir and company Effectus Consulting during the benchmark travel in connection with the development of a new product on the camp site in Podgorica. The experiences and solutions that we exchanged on that occasion were the foundation of our wider future cooperation.
The Medor Orbis Camping & Glamping development project has been largely based on Zvonimir's ideas and experience gained through its development projects at multiple locations, and the selection of designers, equipment manufacturers and mobile homes has determined the uniqueness of this project.
Therefore, I can recommend Effectus Consulting and their associates to all potential investors who want a little more from camping, all in keeping with the latest trends in the camping industry in the Mediterranean.

Dr. BRANKO MAROLT, President of the Croatian Campus Association

The Firm Effectus, as the name itself, suggests that it is the company with which it is a pleasure to cooperate on joint projects in camping tourism. Our Croatian Camping Association has been very much involved in the organization of campers' gatherings, which thanks to brothers Goran and Zvonko Tudorovic whose ability and aspiration to fulfill the tasks that our association has set before them has resulted in impressive gatherings of tourists in our country (FICC YOUTH RALLY, EUROPA RALLY and several ADRIA CAMPING RALLY's). For the work of the brothers Tudorovic, as well as their associates, the Association of Croatian Campers has only praise and we believe that we will continue to cooperate successfully on the pleasure of all Europe campers.

JOHN R. ALM, Former President and CEO for Coca- Cola Enterprises, co-owner in Hoteli Njivice d.o.o.

I have met Zvonimir prior to my decision of investing in Njivice hotels and camp resort. Listening to him and his vision on how that product should look gave me confidence to invest in hotel and camping business in Njivice. Zvonimir, Goran and their team from Effectus are highly motivated professionals who are orientated on result and our cooperation was excellent.


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